Tuesday, March 18, 2008

A Watched Pot

A watched pot never boils ...

but this one's about to blow. And I'm "ready." Or as ready as one can be for a new little one.
I recently read a novel set in France in the 1600's where the author described childbirth as "the reaper."
We live in a day in age where, compared to all space and time, women have relatively few children. We also live in a day when health care -- or at least health care to deliver a baby -- is pretty accessible -- childbirth is referred to as many things nowadays, but never as "the reaper."
Which leads me to my point: It's so easy to focus on what I give up for my kids -- sleep, "me time," that fantasy fulfilling career (I'm not sure what it would be anyways ...) , going to the bathroom alone, etc., etc ... I had never considered that in most space and time, a pregnancy could literally mean giving up one's life for a new little baby.
What sacrifice. I imagine a woman in my very pregnant state in France in the 1600's -- or anywhere in the 1600's -- would be spending these days with her 3 1/2 and 20 month old hoping they're not her last with them -- worried about who will care for them when she's gone -- hoping & praying they'd be loved.
Just a thought spurred by a novel & a really goofy self photo to let you all know that I am eagerly expecting my new little baby any second. So keep us in your prayers and check back soon for an update -- I refuse to post another unless it includes a photo of a 6 - 7 pound screamer.


tiffani said...

Yes, Sarah, and thank God for the almight epidural:) We not only do not face death each time we give birth, but at the right time during delivery, we can actually, wonderfully, loose feeling from the waiste down.

For me this is one of the perks of modern medicine anyway.

You are in my daily thoughts and prayers, and I have started and restarted your baby's blanket about 7 times. Just can't quite get the color right.

You are loved:) I will make you dinners and such.

tiffani said...

I meant "almighty". I am on pain meds.

Cherie said...

The epidural is made of awesome.

That is all.


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