Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Kid Update

I haven't posted many pictures of my littles ones lately cause my camera broke on Christmas Eve. But luck would have it that I went into our gross basement, dug out our old old camera that we got for free, turned it on and ...

it still worked. And it still had pictures saved from 3 years ago ...

when Haven was quite fat and liked to suck his bottom lip.

So I brought it upstairs and took a few pictures. Here are my kids eating lemons.

Haven says they are delicious.

Gussie copies his brother.

We had people come over to buy our car when they were eating the lemons. Haven didn't like the looks of them and threw a tantrum. They stared at him like he was such a strange, ill-behaved child. I did too only I laughed a bit as well. To be honest, I couldn't blame Haven as they were a little strange looking. I asked them to sit down several times but they just stared. The lady's hair was really poofy and the guy had one of those cell phones attached to his ear. Not to mention, they came to take away our only semi-cool car ... and their kid's head was completely flat in the back -- completely. No wonder my 3-year-old freaked. I realize I'm defending my child's bad behavior. Feel free to send me a Dobson book. I'll gladly smack my kid's butt with it.

(this is a seperate tantrum experience but you get the idea)
Oh and here are some more cute pictures of a Manchop pre- and post- his first buzzcut:



Cherie said...

I love your children! Your boys make me excited about my boy and it makes me hope that he one day has a little brother.

I demand more frequent pictures. :)

tiffani said...

This is unacceptable baby-gushing!

Sarah said...

Thanks guys; Tiffani-- you keep commenting on the "gushing" comment from a while back. So I'll comment back: your husband and kid gushing has always been done in good taste. Cherie's on the other hand irks me in the sense that it just makes me out and out jealous; don't get me wrong, I love my Pete but Cherie's Tucker sweeps the kitchen spontaneously without being asked; I would appreciate it if she just kept information like that to herself and I'm sure most women feel the same way (:... All jokes aside, I love both of you husband/kid gushers and only need more of your company more often.

Cherie said...

Okay. Hmm. He, um, NEVER DOES ANYTHING!!1! Yes. That's it. He's lazy! Useless! Not sure why I keep him around!

Except for the fact that he cleaned the toilets today. Without me asking. You know, after he bathed the children and put them to bed. *gushgushgush*

I kid, I kid. Love you!

tiffani said...

I love you, too, Sarah. You are a very cool pal, and super tall in Mass.

You have my great great grandmother's name, but hers was a bit longer - Szarah Ruth Breszlar Borgos. Interesting huh? Can you say that fast? Am I Bubbie gushing now?:):)

Just as a note...I get tired of kid-gushing. Because, I mean, of course they're cute. They're kids. Tell me something I don't get to see every day. I live with beautiful babies and genius 11 year olds. Tell me about how you started running marathons or wrote the Catechism in Tutsi. Now, that's a blogment if you ask me.

But mommy-blogging...YAWN.....Husband-gushing...that's okay. As repeated before, mine is Latin. Just can't top that.

Enough of the gushing comments from me now. I will move on in my comment subject matter:)

abigail said...

Cheers for gross basement cameras! I love these little boys.