Saturday, March 1, 2008

King of Kong

If you're a geek, married to a geek (or an ex-geek) watch The King of Kong -- a documentary about a guy who gets laid off so he tries to beat the Donkey Kong world record. My ex-dorky husband and I (still dorky) laughed and laughed. You can watch it instantly on Netflix and here's their review:

"When Steve Wiebe got laid off, he turned to the classic arcade game Donkey Kong for solace; soon, he decided to challenge Billy Mitchell's long-standing record score. So began the bitter rivalry that lies at the heart of this curiously compelling documentary. Providing a history of competitive video gaming and a look at some of the key players, The King of Kong is at its best when revealing just how far Mitchell will go to retain his crown. "


tiffani said...

Is it as good as Napolean Dynamite? Will it entertain me in a completely nerd way? Because I am a nerd, and I seek out the ones like me...and the movies and documentaries about them.

BTW...I had a 100% geeky conversation with your ex-geek husband in the church vestibule on Sunday. We discussed Polish literature and salt mines. We also had a brief discussion about shoe lifts for people with one leg longer than the other. I found that one really compelling. I actually mentioned it to three different people before the day was over.

True story, and we were both impressed with ourselves, because we walked away after saying,

"I can write that name down for you, because it's difficult,"


"Okay, and will I love him like Dostoevsky?"

"Oh, yeah. I prefer him."

Sarah said...

it's funny you ask if it's like Napoleon; I just told a friend it's like ND and Waiting for Guffman only real life