Sunday, March 30, 2008

This Domestic Life

In this life I lead as a mother, wife and homemaker, I experience what feels like the highest epitome of happiness mixed sometimes simultaneously with the highest epitome of capital H-A-R-D.

The moments overlap and spin circles. Unannounced and unpredictable, they share custody some days or take over weeks like time share. For example, yesterday I sat nursing my newborn while my older boys played with toys at my feet: epitome of happiness. But then just 10 hours later, I struggled with bedding down a toddler and a two-year-old and a newborn and the simple need for my own sleep almost pushed me to tears.

I didn't cry though. Nope. Not a tear. My skin is way thicker since I began making babies. And this is a good thing. I can face a day on 4 hours sleep with a smile and a cup of coffee.

So I embrace this domestic life. I embrace it because in it's highs and lows I've known a beauty like none other.

P.S. We're one week down with baby Simeon and he definitely is the golden 3rd child. He sleeps and nurses and has fit more seamlessly into our lives than either of his brothers did upon their arrivals. Thanks be to God.


tiffani said...

Wow, Sarah. We are having the same kind of day. I just wrote about cancelling out every outside aspect of my life, because the home life was just about enough...Brilliant women think alike - or suffer alike maybe:):)

abigail said...

Great post.

Even greater room. Perfect, really. I love, love, love it!

John's mom has been buying and stockpiling a small arsenal of cowboy outfits for our not-yet-born little boy since before Mildred was born. I'm thinking that if Peaches' arrival as a boy is an indication that our Buster will be another girl, then I should just hand them all over to you in defeat, along with all the cowboy paraphernalia with which we would decorate this non-existent cowboy's room in our non-existent house.

Sarah said...

Hi Tiffani and Abigail,

Thanks for visiting; Abigail -- you are having a boy; I feel it in my bones; Also, "Home on the Range" is a great song to put you in a great mood even if you're on bedrest (I am so so sorry about that!). I've sung it in the yellow room with my boys for hours and hours and it never gets old.