Sunday, November 25, 2007

Strange Addictions

For some, it's flossing teeth. For others, it's arranging and rearranging and arranging and rearranging one's furniture.

I once knew a girl who had a thing for cough drops. That was strange. As soon as we'd get into the carpool she'd demand one fiercly: "The kind with menthol that burns," she'd say.

Personally, my addictions are pretty run of the mill: coffee; in the past, cigarettes; when I'm old, liquor -- what fun that will be! -- cigarettes again too if I make it to 75. Hey, goals are important ...

So I can't really relate to my dear friend who can't seem to stop moving her furniture around. Today, she blamed it on the Christmas tree but we all know that was just an excuse. She also cried twice and threatened to throw it all on the curb in favor of bean bags ...
Personally, I think this friend should give her sofa a break and take up a more fulfilling addiction. Like nicotine or even soap operas. Perhaps this one's just not doing the trick. That or feng shui ... or Kung Fu ... but she's white and female ... so that won't work either.

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