Friday, November 30, 2007

Mo' Money Mo' Problems

It strikes me odd that the fruit of the Nativity's Mystery is poverty. For those of you who aren't familiar with praying the rosary, one meditates on a mystery in the life of Christ with the Blessed Mother during recitation.

Poverty, in a season that has become so consumed by mass materialism, poverty. God became a man to display his love for man. And for decades people have gotten so excited over the occasion that they buy so much stuff that they forget the occasion. The occasion called Christmas or "Christ's Mass" should be a "holiday" or a "holy day" indeed.

So Pete and I have always scoffed at the Wal Mart ads and the fake Christmas trees set out in September. We'd say we'd instill in our family a sense of the sacred and the mystery of Christ's birth during the season. Of course we'd give presents and have a tree. It's not like we'd keep the in laws from muttering "Santa" but we also wouldn't push the concept either. For us, it would be different ... it would be holy.

Well here's our chance. Pete got laid off quite unexpectedly this week. His company had financial problems and he took the hit. He's going to land on his feet running but our faith is being tested and I'm sure our bank account will be as well.

So pray for us. We've already been met with such peace but like anyone who uses dollars to buy things like food and shelter, it's scary to suddenly not have any coming in. I'm sure Sts. Mary and Joseph can relate. The doves they sacrificed had to be enough to thank God for their baby king. They say a wealthier family would have used a lamb or a goat. I'm sure they would have wanted one unspotted.

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Abigail said...

Love you guys.

Still praying that you continue to meet this test with faith and that God will grant your hopes.

And when you come for Christmas, we're gonna fatten you up. Watch out.