Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Our News

The baby above is about 54 days from conception. Although I'm not quite so far along, it's sweet to think of my newest baby hard at work -- growing bone and skin, eyelashes and a healthy, blood-pumping heart.

Grow, baby, grow!


Dear Baby, I am so blissfully aware of your presence. You are my fourth child and I am so honored to carry you.

Your oldest brother's arrival in my womb, I greeted with the hyper-excitement of a 7-year-old about to get her first puppy.

Your other older brother -- I greeted with ... I hate to say ... fear ( "how could I possibly handle 2 babies?!")

And your other, other older brother, again -- fear ("3?! -- yup -- we're Catholic now!")

But you ... you have made me so deeply happy. I had a feeling you'd be coming, and now that your here, I sense God's love and mercy in a way I hadn't before you arrived. The fear must have been hammered out of me -- stomped out by an army of muddy sneaker-clad brothers. Because, I only wish you were already here in my arms.


Cherie said...

Gah! I need to call you. In our fun game of phone tag, I'm it, aren't I?

CONGRATULATIONS! You'll love having four. I do! (And I'm only slightly crazy...)

tiffani said...

Congrats, Sarah...You won't be my skinny pal for much longer...Hope your cold is gone. In my head and in my intentions, I made you lots of soup and babysat for you.

One day, I will do something nice like that:)