Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Fertile and the Fallow

The garden is barren

So is the blog

But my womb is a flutter with a new set of feet
that tap, tap, tap
and twist when I sit by the shine
of my reading lamp

* * *

I think I'm done blogging --
at least for a while

No real reason other than I've picked up a few other hobbies,
and time, as you know, is a finicky thing

* * *

So, goodbye for now

Perhaps, a new baby will mark a return

Or, perhaps guilt over keeping no family photo albums will move me into slapping up a Christmas Post.

If not, au revoir, FishsticksonFriday, au revoir.

Much love,


1 comment:

Art Teacher said...

You know, I can waste a lot of precious time reading/stalking blogs...most of them(like my own) are a little bit, I don't know, mushy??? Shallow seems a little bit harsh, but you know what I mean.
However, when I travel over to yours I come away feeling like I just took a deep breath of creativity, like I want to do this whole Mom thing just a bit better ( I feel the same when I read Abigail's!)
So, I do hope you decide to come back. Plus, I love hearing about new little ones, so at least come back with that good news and a picture of someone's little toes.
Be well.