Sunday, August 2, 2009

What You Got to Say About White Trash?

Say it to my face!



David said...


Sarah said...

Just click on the photo, Charlotte. Blown up, it will reveal a broken fence, half-dressed kids playing with a dumped out basket of beer & milk bottles & mama's folded laundry; if we don't look like we're from the wrong side of the tracks then I ain't whistlin' Dixie!

David said...

Yo White Trash MaMa Yo bedder klean yo trashy houze up or I will getcha and report yo white a** to the people in charge i don know them names but they will getcha white trash mama

Sarah said...

Waz up Char --

You sound like you're in a funk; You need to just come over to my side of the tracks for some Colt 45. We can smoke Mistys and rip holes in our acid-washed jeans.

Again, Freebird!

David said...

how bout some thunderbird?