Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Seduction, Thou Hast a Name

And it is "Home Improvement"

Oh, I'm sorry. Have I deafened your ears by my incessant SCREAMING for Utter and Complete and Total Ecstatic Joy???!!!

You see, my husband, on his own accord (without even being asked -- or rather -- asked and asked and asked and asked -- is what that means) came home last week with a few gallons of paint, hired a guy to redo my tub (oh, I asked for that & he balked a bit ... but the paint, he did that all on his own!) and put up a new chrome toilet paper dispenser (again, own accord!).

I'm reeling! Really reeling! I mean really really reeling!

But you'll get no photos until I can do a complete "after" for my not too long ago "before."

I still need to iron my NEW curtains and beg a trip to Lowes for a few odds and ends.

Until then, I bless the day that tall, ruggedly good-looking (and handy!) guy came my way.

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denise said...

Hey was so nice to see you and your lovely family on had so many nice things to say about Cherie as a mom..don't sell yourself have some sweet little boys!!