Monday, May 18, 2009

Little Mama

You must have clung

to a faith stronger

than the one I whistle when pleasing

because you buried two sons --

one 7 -- maybe blond and freckled

one 9 -- perhaps dark like his father

side by side

Will in '25 and Gerry three years later, in the winter of '28

Was it pneumonia? I wonder. Or just a bad flu ... one I'd stomp about cause the pharmacist dallied to fill the script

To realize your worst nightmare then wake to realize it again, little Mama

I hope the suffering made you cleave and thus saved you

I hope your tears were turned into dancing

I hope you know peace


David said...

Lovely. Just lovely. Today May 19 is the day my son John died he was one hour shy of a day and I have never forgotten him.

Absolutely loved oh boy oh boy oh boy cleaver Sarah!!
Love Charlotte

Sarah said...

Oh Charlotte,

I'm so sorry about John; I know it's been such a long time but I bet it still pains you.

It's so good to know the babies that leave us early sit at the feet of Jesus.

I believe they pray for us and we'll see them again one day.

Much love, Sarah