Wednesday, September 10, 2008


I told Connie she looked beautiful this morning and asked if I could put her photo on my Website.

She struck a pose.

Connie is telling her life story through patchwork. A square for each thought. Each, a special word. A day. A memory. She said it will be her gift to the world.
I wish I could remember her words exactly:
"Some squares will be dark as night; cruel and lonely; a child stumbling upon infinite sadness that nobody should ever know. Nobody. But the patch in the center is perfect. It is light blue and soft with an ocean of pearls. The one in the center is where I hide and is my greatest gift to you. It is an oasis."

I told her I'd like her to be the patch on my quilt for today. She liked that.
"Art is everywhere; don't you think?" I asked her.

"Absolutely, " she agreed as she sliced the air with her bouquet, "Art is everywhere."



Dearest Sarah,

You know you are still my only Sarah-friend; and I (secretly) hope you will always be that legendary one.

I write to say thank you. Thank you for your blog: It reminds me that there is an out-side and it brings hope to my wayward steps.

Even though I've been gone awhile I love you all the same.

abigail said...

I love this post (pretty much, I love every post), and her pose and your description of her are both awesome.