Saturday, September 6, 2008

The Art of Travel

You should have been there.

My first walk with all three kids.

It was hot. The street had new black top.

8 a.m. but I was sweating, pushing my glasses up and up my nose.

I had the older two in the double, pushing with one hand while supporting the baby in a stupid sling.

We made it to the post office and picked all the flowers out of it's display pot (well, Haven and Gussie did while I weighed and stamped and sent ONE letter).

Shuffling home, my load was so heavy. I was reminded of my amazing fertility. When did I, one person, become 4? The math is remarkable, like the loaves and the fish.
I waved away a look with a pasted serene smile, relaxing my shoulders. Acting like I was enjoying the breeze that wasn't blowing.

Almost home. Almost home. My flip flops got stuck in the blacktop so I left them.

When did two blocks become cross country? When did sending a letter become the morning adventure?

Here's when: The day my paycheck entailed a hearty nap with the lingering smell of baby powder. The day I earned the admiration of 3 small men who oddly think I hang the moon. The day I scooped up this art of complicated travel and decided it's the way I will go.

Speaking of travel, let me explain the photos:

Top: The Market: "You've got your hands full," they say.

Middle: We ditched the wooden tracks in favor of painter's tape. I recommend it highly.

Bottom: MY NEW (to me) MINI VAN.

Just purchased this week after my friend's husband heard my explanation that "it sounds like squirrels are fighting with silverware under my hood." He checked it out and told me to "drive home and stay there."

Thanks be to Jim. Because of him and because it was time, I now own a mini van.

I'm lots of things (including thrilled) but I'm no longer cool. But that's another story for another day and time. For now, let's drag race and spin donuts in the parking lot.

The bumper sticker search is on ...


Cherie said...

A new(ish) minivan? Oh, I'm so jealous/happy for you!

I'm still praying for a free one. I prayed for free bunk beds and got those, so...

Hope all is well! I'll give you a call soon and update you on all things Hibbs!

Sarah said...

It's odd that you write about your prayer request becuase as soon as I got my ride I began praying that "God provide Cherie a mini van full of diapers." (when it happens, I get a bit of credit).

I have to say though that it was a blessing to not really have a functioning vehicle after the arrival of baby #3.

It forced us to stay home and ask company to come to us; something I now plan on doing the first 6 months out of delivery as it sure made life simple.

Much love,


tiffani said...

That's about when I started taking very purposeful walks in the rain, in the snow, across town, to the park, church, the grocery store (that was a weird one on foot and with a big red wagon full of babies and toddlers)...That's about when I started loosing articles of my clothing to sweat and the need just to return home from the long, hot walk...

when I began to multiply from two to three and four. Now I can go anywhere and do anything.

Cause I have lots of babies and I have dragged them from one end of life to the other - and mostly by way of Red Flyer and/or double stroller.

I feel you.

Great pics.

And I highly recommend the minivan. I have had two now, and they hold lots of kids, plus one more, and a copious amount of sticky McDonald's trash.

abigail said...

YEEHAW for minivans! There's no going back now. You've officially joined the ranks.