Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Yes, I am That Crazy Neighbor Lady (Parts II and III)

And so it happened.

Our 4pm "Mommy's losing her mind and needs you to leave her alone while she makes dinner " video almost drowned out the sound of mowing outside my window.

Really, it was destiny that made me glance up to see Some Guy mowing the weeds Weeds WEEDS!!!

I couldn't believe it. I abandoned my first and second born, grabbed the camera and took off -- bare feet, running and laughing with a baby bouncing in the crook of my arm. Guy didn't seem to mind posing.

I then thought it was only fit to return with a note of thanks.

To which the owner asked while she saw me hanging it:

"Did you post the 'weeds. Weeds. WEEDS!!' sign?"

To which I was tempted to reply:

"Nope; I just have the same handwriting, manilla folder sign and Sharpie ..."

But instead I casually replied:

"Yeah" (as if I had been asked if I wanted a side of fries with that shake)

I hung my sign and paused for a few photos.

She watched stiffly then mumbled something about plans for pavement. The sky was peachy pink and smelled like freshly cut weeds. We looked at the sign wondering who should take it down. It was quiet. I got nervous and wanted to run away but opted for a smile and a slow side swagger.
To be honest, I'm a bit disappointed that they mowed so quickly. The following would have been future weed signs:
"Weeds are Rad."
"We Love Weeds."
"Save the Weeds."
"Weeds Have Feelings Too."
And finally, Haven's favorite:
"Weeds for Me. Weeds for You. Weeds for Us All in a Big Brown Shoe."


tiffani said...


Don't take this personally...but I think you might be just a tad insane from all those babies and such...I mean, as opposed to me who is threatening non-friendship to conservative anti-McCain voters.

I guess the lesson is.....that particular form of insanity only grows.

Your poor neighbors.
My poor fringe element pals.

Wanna try out green apple martinis with me sometime next week? I am really interested in them, and I think if we brought our cameras along it could be quite a photo log.

I mean, if you are free...

Sarah said...

If I had been drinking green apple martinis I wouldnt have noticed the weeds in the first place. So yes, that cocktail is exactly what's missing from my life.

abigail said...

Pete already gave me the lowdown on the weeds saga over the phone, but it's even better with pictures.

This post made me laugh, but I'm sad that it ended so quickly. I was looking forward to being entertained by weeds Weeds WEEDS for at least a few more weeks.