Friday, June 20, 2008

Bring on the Mormons

"Home in Need of Mormonic Instruction"
"Desperately Seeking Mormons"
"Mormons Mormons We Love Mormons"
"Joseph Smith is Rad and so are You"
These were just a few of my sign ideas that I threatened my husband with if he fell asleep on the couch again rather than give me the adult conversation that I so desperately need. That was last night at 7:30. He was snoring by 7:45.
So tonight, I have a big bottle of Sprite and I'm gonna be sitting on my front porch waiting for guys in ties. I actually heard one was good looking.
Now, I know this isn't kind to do to my dear old Pete but it's Friday night and a girls got to live a little. Besides, once he reads this post he might just run out to rent a movie and buy popcorn ... maybe even some wine ... come on, Pete, I'd take you over a Mormon anyday.


Rob said...

I could send up Josh my 17 year old. his uniform at pre-seminary in NH looks just like a mormon.
white shirt, black tie and dark slacks.
In september he goes to college seminary and gets his Jedi Robes...I mean cassock

Peter said...

Good, in a cassock like a real man.

Must be a decent seminary.