Thursday, August 9, 2007

The Visitation

I was prompted to take the test I mentioned a few days back (see below) after visiting Rose who told me she was expecting. She looked at me with eyes aglow. I could tell she was hoping I had some news myself.

I remember thinking, "Poor girl, I am so not pregnant ..."

The reason I thought that is that my other two pregnancies were wracked with severe nausea and I've been feeling great.

So I came home and took a test in the off chance I was wrong. And I was.

I feel so blessed to share this time with Rose. I always think of her and a few other cherished gals (you know who you are) when I meditate on the Visitation as the fruit of the mystery is friendship. I always ponder how powerful friendship can be. How God uses it again and again to pour His Gospel and his graces in our lives.

God Bless you, Rose. You're throwing up and I'm not (yet) --- hah hah hah! (I don't think Mary and Elizabeth said such things to one another ...)


Abigail said...


do you know the date on which we can expect the newest model?

Sarah said...

I think the new babino will be due around April 15th but will arrive around the 1st. Yahoo!

Abigail said...

I'd like you to try for the 15th, please, and you can name him/her Abigail in my honor.

(p.s. I originally asked that question because Becky wanted to know when you were due and wasn't sure when she and Eli were going to shout out her new pregnancy from the rooftop. Don't worry, she's due around the 22nd, and I told her to aim for the 15th, too.)