Friday, August 3, 2007

I Dig You Duggars

I'm not crazy about their 80's waterfall bangs but other than that I think our culture has a thing or two to learn from the Duggars who welcomed baby 17 yesterday.

Did you know they are debt free? Did you know they live in a custom- built, 7,000 square foot home? Did you know dad has been successful enough with his own business to be home a good amount? Did you know mom has raised the kids to be selfless enough to pitch in and even cook a few nights a week?

And yes, did you know that after 4 years of contracepting, they had a child, experienced the miracle of life and decided to "trust God with their family size?"

I scoff. I snicker. I get grossed out. Even though I know all these emotions don't jive with my "beliefs." I still view kids and dependent creatures as a pain (my culture raised me to do so).

Why is it that even we "Christian" folk diss the Duggars (just listen to the moms at the park talk), but then we'll laud the single, divorced mom who fights for her career, throws her kids in daycare and finds herself herself herself again and again?

From what I gather, Michelle and Jim Bob (it has to be "Jim Bob") are doing a better job raising their 17 kids than most are doing with their 1.5.

And while I don't daydream about raising a football team myself, I do concur that the natural state for a happy marriage is one of fertility rather than sterility. I'm purposely not making any major statements on the ethics behind family planning as that is a pandora's box too big for this 2 cents.

I just thought I'd share the scary thought that perhaps in their smiling faces the Duggars have got it all figured out. And while we have better hair -- way better hair -- we're the quacks.

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Abigail said...

Egads! Another insightful post. Why are you doing this to me? (And yet, still, I enjoyed it. DON'T STOP!)

respectfully yours,
Missus Waterfall Bangs

p.s. I tried to post a post for you today. I really did, but there weren't enough hours in the day to load all the pictures drowning in my camera's backlog. Here's a new blog I set up to tide you over. There are a scant few pictures of the girls, but if you look hard, you can find them.