Sunday, July 29, 2007

What's the Deal with the Ark?

Pagans flock by the minivan up the mega church driveway. Year after year, the Vacation Bible School program sells the same smiling animals scampering up a plank.

Why does a story about God destroying the world make folk hungry for religion? I'm sure St. Noah is perplexed as well. He heard the screams as the water rose. The clawing on the outside of his ark. The collective gurgle as the world died the most painful death of inhaling water.

Then. He rode seasick in a damp, dark, fecal smelling ship for 40 days.

I doubt that felt like deliverance. I doubt that felt like a reward for being the only righteous man. I'm sure the dove and the rainbow's promise were a relief but I bet it still took months to dig the manure from under his nails.


tiffani said...

But he was alive and so were the people he loved most. And I am sure menure was something he would have been used to, even outside of the whole Ark event. But, true, it would have seemed unfair at times, and probably very frustrating. There is no mention of Noah's anger, but I am sure it was there occassionally.

trawlerman said...

I'm really enjoying your posts, but part of me wishes you wouldn't write thoughtful posts that I enjoy, because then I get to thinking that my blog could (should) be more than just a showcase for excessive photographs.

Don't listen to that part of me, though, because I'm really enjoying the insights and slices you give.

Abigail said...

John's not a stay-at-home-mama who comments on blogs at 11:08 at night, but I am. (Sorry...)