Sunday, July 22, 2007

The Only Thing I Never Doubt

I "believe" in a lot of things. Just stand next to me in Mass on any given Sunday and you'll hear me recite the Creed. Just spend time with me and you'll be preached at with annoying self-assured security. Don't worry, I annoy myself too.

But there's one thing you all should know; the only thing I never doubt is the love I have for my babies. Everything else is fair game.

I sadly almost killed my blog today. Cause it can so often be a soapbox and the fact is: Who am I to talk? I lack faith constantly. I struggle with loving God, my husband and others all the time. And we all know, the web could use one less noisy, religious conservative.

But the fact is, I like this little corner in cyber-space and I'm not ready to say goodbye.

So I'll resolve to remain as honest as possible, love my babies and thank our Lord that all faith begins as a gift from Him in the first place. I know He said a mustard seed's worth is powerful. But sometimes it just doesn't feel like enough.


Cherie said...

I didn't tell you about the blog? I thought I had!

Oh. And please (PLEASE!!! That's 3 "!". I'm serious here.) don't shut this one down. I need a daily dose of your reality and honesty. It killed me when Pete stopped. The Johnson's need at least one blog going here.

Besides. You are my girlfriend. And think of it! We are now Blogging Girlfriends!! My word. The fun, Sarah. We could do a dance? Or something? T-Shirts?

Meh. Let's just create fun drinks in honor of this very new development in our old friendship...

tiffani said...

Hey, Sarah,

Cervantes (crazy writer of that colossal "Don Quixote") says, "Honesty is the best policy."

So you should keep blogging. And we really do need, at least, one more religious conservative in cyberspace. I can't handle the soapbox alone!