Monday, June 11, 2007

What's better ...

Than one skirt sewn from a $1.00 thrift store tablecloth?

TWO MATCHING skirts sewn from a $1.00 thrift store tablecloth!!!

I had so much fun sewing this graduation gift for my spunky sister in law, Debbie, that I had to post a photo for no other reason than bragging & shouting to the world that I made my first tablecloth ensemble!

Besides, who wants more lousy money for graduation?? All Valedictorian's deserve clothes lovingly sewn out of grandma's old housewares.


Tucker Hibbs said...

Look who's all crafty! I feel the need to point out that there was a time, not too long ago, when the idea of making ANYTHING would have scared you silly. I'm glad you've overcome that fear. Nice job! :)

-Cherie, who now feels the need to pass along her "Scrapbooker on Board" window decal to the new crafty lady...

Sarah said...

Listen, a tablecloth skirt is much more glamorous than a dishtowel doll made by force at a women's luncheon. Don't worry, you won't catch me at Michael's anytime soon.
Happy Crafting, my little stamper!
-- Sarah

Abigail said...

My picture of you girls was blurry because I had my camera on a weird setting. (I don't know what, but definitely not the magical portrait setting.) So, I linked here from my blog. Let me know if that was tactless, and I can unlink if you'd like.

You are the craftiest, crafty crafter I know, and I think you should rename your blog, "Crafting on Command."