Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Misplaced Statues

Strangest thing.

I went to order prints of these photos and thought I'd tell you their story. Almost a year ago I grabbed the camera and drove down the street to an abandoned church to shoot these statues. I had never done such a thing before and have not since. I'm really not one to take pictures but I've always loved how these statues just lift up my heart.

I wanted to frame their likeness in my livingroom. So I shot a few snaps, returned a week later and they were gone. The church's windows were smashed as well.


Abigail said...

They are beautiful.

And the story is strange and sad.

Sarah said...

The story is strange and sad and I like it that way; after I put up the post a local told me what happened to the statues; needless to say I liked life better not knowing. And no, for your own good, I'm not telling.

Abigail said...


Curiosity killed the abigail.