Saturday, June 23, 2007

Sister Teresa

I just finished Sister Teresa by Barbara Mujica. And before I return this worthwhile read to my local librarians with an apology letter and a box of chocolates for being heinously late, let me share a line or two that gripped me. Here, Sister Angelica, through whom the author shares Teresa's story, writes about music:

"I loved the harmonies, the voices raised in exaltation, not because they made me feel one with God, but simply because they were beautiful. But who knows, maybe that was God's way of calling me to Him. He made me love music. And because I loved music, I sang. And because I sang, I prayed. And praying, I felt his presence."

Mujica displays such literary mastery throughout this rich biopic of one of the 16th Century's leading Mystics and Saints. At times I teetered on closing the book for good when Mujica's depiction of certain religious' human failings threatened to wander into sensationalism. I trudged on, however, and am happy to report that all such scenarios were in line with the needs of the narrative. I give it a B; B for beautiful; B for boring; B for beautiful beyond boring.


Cherie said...

And now I want to read it even more! I'm off to my library on Monday to find it. Thanks for the recommendation!

We had a blast last night. Always do with you guys! Thanks for feeding us, letting our choildren play with your adorable children, and supplying us with booze and cloves. What better friends could there be?!

Abigail said...

I remember you quoting that passage. It stuck with me. I should add it to my too-long stack of books to read...