Friday, July 3, 2009

"Shot a' Tabasco?"

Happy Birthday Choppy! (short for "Manchop" for those of you who don't know)

You are our SPARK and the SPRING IN OUR STEP.

This little family would be lost without you.

As long as I blog, I'll link to the story of your treacherous beginning (below).

I'll do this because there is nothing today, except for a little scar on your neck, to remind us that you are GRACE. You are MERCY.

You're also a whirlwind of 3 -year-old manpower, and we adore you.

Happy Birthday, Gus!


David said...

Thank you Peter and Sarah for sharing this awesome story with us. I read it three times and cried every time. It is sad, happy, crazy. You two are amazing parents, amazing people and I am so happy and proud to know you.
Love Char

Sarah said...

Thanks for the sweet words, Charlotte.