Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Wolfes Stopped By

So we're slowly redoing our bathroom (I'll do a complete before and after post when it's done); We popped off the old medicine cabinet.

I stood staring at the marks on the wall behind it; wondering who wrote them and when; whether he lived in this house, etc., etc.

Then I looked to the left and saw this: "H. Wolf. Aug. 1956"

And to the right and saw: "Rose Wolfe, August 1956 & Rosalie Wolfe 1956"

That means my medicine cabinet was over 50 years old! I'm definitely going to look these Wolfes up; Charlotte, I'll need your help!


David said...

Wow! The same thing happened to us! We took an old bathroom sink off the wall and there was a message written in PENCIL. The message read "1914 America at war our men are dying" It was signed "Stroud Smith" I contacted the Times News and Joe Boyle came and took a picture of the "message" and did a story on Stroud Smith who had been a plumber and a musician. The pencil writing was "pristine" that sink was on so tight against the wall no air, water, or dirt got in contact. We need more Stroud Smiths in the world.
Hey here's a thought call that new girl at the Times News. Maybe Tiffany can do a story on the Wolfes whoooooooo whooooooo
Love Char xo

tiffani said...