Sunday, March 22, 2009

God is Faithful

Has it been a year already?


Simeon's Song

Simeon Shepherd, my son, you guide me to His Heart,

But to you it's just a song, a little ditty I hum when we're together.

Simeon Shepherd, my son, you bring me to my knees,

But to you it's just a tune, a tiny trotting melody I breathe when I wipe the counters.

Simeon Shepherd, my son, you set my feet dancing, stomping away shadows till there's only light,

But to you it's just a jig, a thumping two-step on creaking floors.

Simeon Shepherd, my son -- you are song and I'll gladly sing you forever.

Happy Birthday, my smiling baby. Happy Birthday.


Rebecca R. said...

Yes, hard to believe it has been a year! He is soooo adorable!!! Thanks for fulfilling my request for Simeon snapshots--I feel better now! LOL

David said...

Happy Birthday! One year old baby boy. That cake sure looks yummy.
Mommy's friend

Sarah said...

Thanks Becky and Charlotte; Becky, I love the new family photo; it's great!

Art Teacher said...

Happy Belated Birthday to your sweet little one. He looks very pleased with himself for turning one. No one ever told me the part about babies growing like the weeds. I amazed at how fast a year flies by.
P.S. Libby and I are keeping our fingers crossed, that you will be overwhelmed with pink things in the not so distant future.

abigail said...

I love that top picture! That little Shepherd has somebody to thank for his chin, the same somebody I have to thank for mine!

Praise God for His faithfulness. Praise God for your love and faith. Praise God for dear Simeon.

May he and you swap songs and smiles for years to come. Happy birthday, Simeon Shepherd!

Rebecca R. said...

The family photo was taken last August, I think, and was in front of my MIL's porch. I "cut" it out, and put in on top of a photo I found on the 'net to make it look more picturesque! LOL

Cherie said...

You are my hero in more ways than one. Your faith makes mine seem small. I'm thankful for you and that wild wonderful family you have!

Happy Birthday to your sweet Simeon!

Andy said...

Yay Happy (late) Birthday Simeon!