Monday, February 16, 2009

Mirth and A Monologue

My bird- of- my- feather- friend - in- law- and- love sister and her clan visited this weekend to surprise Pete for his 33rd birthday.

We had surprise parties with Abby, John and their 4 girls Millie, Annika, Susanna and Piper every night.

Night 1: The Chi Chi Cone /(that's ice cream cone in Gussie speak) Balloon party to celebrate their arrival.

Night 2: A Valentine's Day Pizza Party

Night 3: A Polska Keilbasa / Pickle / Play Doe Party to celebrate my dear one.

We had a BLAST! Cousins played, mothers dove deep into conversation, and dads cut out to catch up over beer and board games (just a bit; they pitched in too -- tossing and tumbling with grinning nieces and nephews).

Gifts were exchanged and here's Abby performing my gift to her, Smackdown Cat, a monologue I wrote based on another amazing handy-crafted tee shirt I bought at a thrift store.

She was magnificent and I'm hoping she'll be available for the film version when Spielberg picks it up. For now, you'll have to use your imagination:

Smackdown Cat, A Monologue

By Sarah

Starring: Abigail as Smackdown

Setting: Back Alley / Smackdown is wearing a bandanna around her forehead and smoking a cigarette

You shoulda' been there …

Racine, that hoochie-mama tabbie commandeered my scratching post so I got all up in her face -- waving my paws around – crazy like – till she slinked back to her own litter box – hoo-ah!! – SMACKDOWN!!

Then, at the market, a stock boy knocked me with his boot when I snuck in to sniff the Fancy Feast. I let out a howl that shocked him and dropped him to the floor – hooh-ah – SMACKDOWN!!! SMACKDOWN!! Don’t you mess around with SMACKDOWN!!

Finally, on the way home, I hit the trash to find Bowser rifling through my milk crates – they were bone dry – not a drop for yours truly – so I didn’t hesitate – as I never hesitate – to set ole’ Bowser straight – and BAMM SMACK! I whacked that Bowser back with a SMACKEDY WHACKEDY WHACK and a WHACKEDY SMACKEDY SMACK DOWN HIS BACKEDY BACK AND HE WON’T COME BACK CAUSE HE KNOWS I’LL ATTACK CAUSE MY NAME IS SMACK AND I’M A CAT THAT’S BLACK LIKE THAT TIRE ROLLING MY WAY – OH DISMAY – IT CAN’T END THIS WAY – OH NO IT CAN’T – OH SMACK – IT CAN – SMACKDOWN! MEOOWW!! (yells final “smack down and meow” while pretending to be crushed under a large tire wheel).



abigail said...

One can only be as magnificent as the script itself, which, in this case, was MAGNIFICENT!

I miss you all. Spending a few days bonding made me want to smoosh all of you into our new trailer.

Lastly, can I just say how extremely grateful I am that you took still shots instead of a moving picture?


All this sent with love from your very own
Choleric Sanguine
Sanguine Choleric
(Take your pick.)

Peter said...

Hello My Dear CHOLERIC SANGUINE (I'm the other; that's why we get along so well); I just read all your funny comments and smiled; you are my most faithful and fun commenter; blogging would be blah without you

Peter said...

Oh, that was Sarah commenting; not Pete, FYI