Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Bunked and Debunked: An Ode to Dreams, Realities and Jumping on the Bed

I Dreamed of a Mountain

With Snowcapped Peaks

So I Climbed to Its Top

And Jumped Off

I Flew For a Second

Then Woke

Missing the Wind

But Happy Nonetheless


Cherie said...

Bunk beds! How fun!

Meh. Let 'em jump off a few times...Tate got a few bruises and now has a healthy respect for the ladder and top bunk. :)

Sarah said...

"Meh. Let 'em jump off a few times ..."

Cherie -- you have a Tate but you do not have a Gussie.

You see, a Gussie is powered by high octane diesel fuel and is more comfortable in an ER than an ice cream shop.

I promise to rebunk the debunked beds someday -- maybe in 2029 -- no, 2030.

abigail said...

Oh, Choppie. You really know how to ruin a good thing. Does Haven feel gypped?

Judging by his glee in that last picture (which, by the way, I think is awesome), he's just happy for the new bed.