Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A Fable Called Fish

At the very bottom of the deep, dark Adriatic Sea lived a lonely fish who dreamt of warmer waters.

Fish was mad, sad and miserable and cold. Fish had no friends. Fish had no fun. Fish frowned and fretted and fiddled his fins all day long in the bleakly frozen, black and blue ocean.

So you could imagine Fish’s delight when during his afternoon swim, his fin caught the net of a steamer heading south. Fish held on tight and rode the long way to a Caribbean Bay where the sun shone above him. He found a ship at the bottom of the sea and made his home there.

Fish was warm. Fish was well. Fish finally had all he wanted.

This is why Fish gasped a big gulp of ocean when he caught his fretting frown in the reflection of a spoon.

Because Fish was warm. Fish was well. Fish finally had all he wanted.

Or did he?

Fish swam back to that spoon, stared long and hard and decided that warm was not what soothed him. Yes, tepid waters would be best. A bit cooler than these but not quite as icy -- like a birdbath or a puddle or a crick in the Carolinas.

So Fish caught a freighter north. But the northern sea was as the pea was to the princess in that tale named so accordingly. And rather than sit tight or, better put, swim tight, Fish moved on. And on and on from sea to sea till there were no more oceans left to try.

And Fish found himself back at the bottom of the deep, dark Adriatic Ocean, dreaming of warmer waters.

Happiness begins within and must not hinge on externals. Find contentment even in cold waters (or small, cold towns in coal country, PA).
Note: The above is an entry to this contest. What fun!


Lindsay said...

Thanks for entering this great story, Sarah!

This one strikes a cord for me, since every rainy winter when it starts getting dark at 4:30 up here in the PNW, I start thinking about moving south, hah.

Maria said...
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Maria said...

Congratulations on winning! What a great fable. I liked it!

abigail said...

You rock.

I love this fable. (And turn that fish into a fishstick already.)

I love that we were just talking about you and writing today, I came on to enjoy your latest post, and --wham-- instant affirmation!

(Now hurry up and check your blog so that you can see that you won...)

Lindsay said...

Hi Sarah,

I sent you an email yesterday morning (to the address you left on my blog), but I'm guessing you're out of town. I'll heading off on a cruise early in the morning, so it looks like I'll have to catch up with you next week (be back on the 6th) to give you your prize money.

Hope you're enjoying your holiday!

Sarah said...

Hi Guys,

I'm glad you liked the fable and I'm thrilled to win the contest. Yahoo!


Rebecca R. said...

Congrats, Sarah! Your writing is excellent, and is well deserving of a prize! Abby showed me your 3 articles, and they were all good, too.