Saturday, August 16, 2008

4!: 1! 2! 3! 4!: 4! 4! 4!

They say kids grow up quick but this is ridiculous.

A few weeks ago, Pete buzzed off Haven's curls (revealing the most delightful ears on the block) and broke out the size 5 clothes.

My baby is a boy.

Today, I lift a sippy cup in a toast to all your drama (like your mama), your ludicrous bedtime story requests (tell me about "a pizza cutter, a man who is strong but kind, a thing that spins called a 'spinnerit,' a purple suction cup ...."), your kindness, your sensitivity, your warm, pudgy cherub-like shape that has yet to grow long and lanky and too horribly grown up looking.

Today, I toast to you.

A pre-haircut photo with brothers ... still a baby.

And just a few days later ... my big big boy! My big boy who doesn't want his photo taken. I remember this drama. He was mad that he couldn't work the yo-yo and is trying to kick me away from him. Like I said, drama-like-his-mama (and would you check out those ears!)

Happy Birthday, Haven! I love you!


Jennifer Lee Mancier said...

Sarah, sarah, Crazy Sarah!!! You're a delight to read and it all makes me miss you! So, this "Haven" is the little baby you were expecting and feeding plentitudes of saltine crackers to when I last saw you at Talitha's wedding!? Amazing! And then there were 3!?!! Congrats, congrats, congrats! I have my own little mancub now, too! (a year in October!) Such blessings!

Jennifer Lee Mancier said...

by the way: this is J.lee ;-)

abigail said...

Joel and I were just talking about Haven last night. I think the time I've spent talking about Haven is greater than the time I've actually spent with him, but both are worthwhile.

Rachael Pease's first impression of me was that I was "the Girl with the Glowing Ears." All unawares on the bus, my sticking-out ears would diffuse the sun's rays into a brilliant rosy glow, and she would watch them.

Anyway, that first picture of Haven reminds me of me.

Annika says...Oh! He's four like me! Happy Birthday, Haven!

Sarah said...

Hi J Lee Hi Abby --

J Lee, thanks for the note; I tried to find your blog but couldn't. not fair. email me with the link; I'm at; I'd love to peek in on you as well as I have thought about you over the years! Be well, Sarah

Abby-- the ears are a gift from a magical Genie who only comes out of her hovel the 3rd Sunday every other leap year after a toad's given birth to the toadchild that will become a prince upon recieving the maiden's kiss. You recieved that gift, my child and so did my son. You both also recieved the wacky, nutty, naughtiness that always accompanies the magical, sheer, rose tinted winged ears.

The rest of us wallow in envy.


Cherie said...

Oh! Happy Birthday, sweet Haven!

I remember the interpretive dance that told us you were coming like it was yesterday...