Saturday, April 26, 2008

Ordinary Outside Living

Pete surveyed the sun shade I rigged out of a tarp, 5000 yards of kite string, duct tape, bungee cords, chunks of broken fence and exclaimed:

"This looks so white trash!"

To which I cheered:

"We are white trash!"

Just as Gussie stumbled out on the porch wearing nothing but a dirty diaper and blue popsicle juice stains.

Then a bird nipped the end of the kite string, unravelling the roll as it flew up so high. A white streamer painting the bright summer night.

Haven picked a bouquet of dandelions, "Excuse me, Mom, what are these?"

"Dandelions," I replied.

"No they're not," he said, "They're something else."

"Really, what are they?"

"Lemon delights. They are lemon delights and I picked them for you."

"That's so nice, honey. Thank you so much."

I took the bouquet. By morning it had faded to 5 puff balls that the window used to blow a wish.
And it was granted: At least 4 more months of bare feet, open doors and dandelion bouquets.


abigail said...

The first part made me laugh, and the second made me grin, again glad to be related to an odd little boy named Haven.

Lemon delights, indeed.

Cherie said...

Today Rory asked if we could go and again see "the orange boy who play quiet at McDonald's. I like him."

Not sure why he's orange in her 3 year old eyes, but he certainly made a good impression...