Friday, December 28, 2007

Christmas: Well Worth the Puke

Until you spend your first Christmas morning in your own home, with your own tree and your own first-born-3-year-old child, you have not lived.

His brother was as oblivious as he was in the past, favoring empty boxes for their contents. But Haven. He GOT it. The stockings. The trains he won't unclutch. He got it. And he made us "get it" again too.

We then spent time with family and returned home puking as humans often do when 30 or so of them visit at a time. But I can truly say it was worth it -- well worth it. And coming from someone who got close to no sleep and has had to be helped out by someone of the male gender (he means well, don't get me wrong but nurturing is woman's work) all day, "well worth it" is high high praise.


Cherie said...

Yikes. Sorry about the puking. That sounds awful.

I'm so glad you had a wonderful Christmas! Rory "got it" this year too. Such a blast!

abigail said...

Yeah, the only two on our end were Susannah and Millie, but the Campville Crew seems to have infected the entire East Coast.