Monday, September 24, 2007

Remember Granny?

Remember Granny? Well, I bumped into her again. She clearly didn't remember me or my babies that she adored once again with abandonment.

And just cause people are interesting, I'll tell you about it.

Her eyes were watery as she told me she buried a baby when he was 4 months old. "That was a long time ago," she said, "but it's like he was just in my arms when I look at his grave."

Only 2 survived. A boy and a girl. The rest died in the womb. And the other, well she already mentioned, she had to bury him. But she's so glad for the two she has. They gave her 7 grandchildren. And now the grandchildren are having children.

I told her again that I'm expecting my third and she clapped for joy and gave me a hug. She said, "That's all we should live for ... having babies ... being happy ... now I'm alone and I wish I could go back. I wish I could hear the noise. Now it's so quiet."

No talk about "being done" in this meeting. Funny. A different night. A different mood. The opposite message. In her humanity, she's a gem. If you just turn her (or anyone of us) in the light, the color is completely different but true and coexisting.


Anonymous said...

I am so glad that you found out the truth about Mrs. Selby on your own. I didn't want to have to tell you...mostly because of the scolding I got when I told you what happened to the angels. FYI-don't be surprised if you have to introduce yourself many many times. Also, be glad you are not related to 957 people in don't have to explain who you are. Anyway, isn't she sweet?

Sarah said...

It wasn't Mrs. Selby. The name is close though. I'm concealing Granny's identity.

And I think the "truth" about Granny is reflected in both blog posts and in posts to come even though I could never garner the all the complexities of a granny (or anyone else) from sidewalk meetings.