Friday, April 11, 2014

Praying the Stations With My Kids

Some people think its gory or that they're too young,
but I see it in their eyes,
they sense the transcendence.

I wasn't raised in a Christian tradition that recognized the Liturgical year,
except on Christmas Day and then again on Easter Day.
The two popped up suddenly.  I always felt so unprepared.
And then they were gone, leaving behind only messes of wrapping paper
and emptied plastic eggs.

The year my husband began his sojourn into the traditional Church,
Lent prepared me for Easter in a way I hadn't expected.
I was only an observer then.
And I must say, the Season has truly grown on me.
I seem to "get it" a little more each year.

We'll be praying the stations tonight at our local parish because
"You cannot have a feast without a fast."

And you cannot have the the Resurrection without the Cross.