Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Winter Games

So these won't be forgotten:  

1.  Suitcase:  Put your brother in a suitcase, zip it shut.  Wheel it around while the other brothers kick it.

2.  Chicken Poop:  Push all the covers on your mother's bed on the floor, jump on them and yell "chicken poop!"

3.  Evie:  Take apart the humidifier.  Carry around the blue lid.  Call "her" Evie and pet her.  Dress up like a ninja and a cowboy.  Draw maps, carry swords.  The mission is noble.  Save Evie.

Yes, this winter is growing long.  So long that I've resurrected my blog.  My apologies ahead of time.  


Marie Smith said...

welcome back to the world of blogging!

Abigail said...


My flooding of your inaugural posts with comments needs to be supplanted by pizza-dough-baking.

I am glad you're back and will take any posts, in whatever form, whenever you give them.

The End.