Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Manchop: A Trail of Destruction & Discipline Lesson #1: A Reflection on Disfunctional Correction

Sometimes cuteness cancels out naughtiness


Spankings can even be averted

When the cuteness is so cute that it supercedes the naughtiness (note: the reflection of the offenders face in the puddle of maple syrup on the table that was poured in the split second I took to clean up the depotted plant. Seeing that I took time to photograph the event rather than tan a hide, one would successfully conclude that this would be a prime example of cuteness superceding naughtiness -- it happens; shh, don't tell Dobson).


tiffani said...

Dobson's children were never as cute as yours. I have seen them in person. You have a unique situation here - I have the same one. Incredible cuteness combined with curious genius. What is a mother to do?

Nicholas would be very proud of Manchop here. I wouldn't be surprised if they had not already discussed how to carry out such actions in previous park mumbly conversations.

You are in my prayers, because he will only get cuter. It's destiny.

glacialmama said...

Do you remember me? I just found your blog again. I hope things are going great for you. Our baby boy also has the Winston Churchill look sometimes. What nice pics at the pumpkin patch!!
Gotta run 4 now.
I changed my blog to a few months ago

abigail said...

I love his calm look of indifference.

Yeah? I spilled stuff? So?

He knows that a boy's gotta do what a boy's gotta do.