Friday, February 15, 2008


I hate it when women gush about their husbands. For example, I once read a blog where the woman bragged she went away for two days and returned to find her 8 children happy, well-fed & her house cleaner than when she left.

For the record, when I go away for 2 hours I return to find my house trashed and my kids and husband starving to death.

So on that note, I'll gush about my husband but only a little.

Today is his birthday. And no I'm not bragging about him because the above photo could land him a spot on some really popular tv drama. I'm bragging because over the past few months he's handled one huge crisis with enormous strength, dignity and grace.

Most of you know that he was suddenly laid off in November. Since then, he's started up his own practice, Advent Foot and Ankle, under tremendous time pressure & on a shoestring budget. His desk is in our living room, which is also our playroom & family room & everything room. I have seen him fill out horrible, tedious paperwork while a 3 1/2-year-old and a 19-month-old scream and climb on his chair like a jungle gym.

And he has never once raised his voice.


tiffani said...

"I hate it when women gush about their husbands."

Are you trying to incite the gushers?

Sarah said...

Why Tiffani, are you a gusher???

Actually, you've never crossed the line with your praises for Lee ... or come to think of it maybe you have ...

as long as you never brag about how your husband loves to do laundry, make dinner & wash dishes you're safe in my company. the second you go there I may accidently throw eggs at your minivan.

Gushers be warned.

tiffani said...

You can totally throw eggs at my dirty minivan, because the action might just improve its appearance.

I am a gusher, because my husband is Latin - they are very gushable -Latin men.

He does do the laundry and dishes, but only after I have gone on strike for three or more days in a row and he no longer has any clean underwear available to him. He will make dinner too if I absolutely refuse to or if I am not physically there and the crockpot is empty.

That's it though. My house is always messy and I usually use paper plates, so that at least the rim (if not the bottom) of the sink can be seen. So my personal gushing has much more to do with the fact that my husband enjoys spending money on me (because I am cheap) and he's got a really good tan.

abigail said...

I can't wait to come down and throw eggs at YOUR minivan, you husband-gusher, you. Wait- you need a minivan...

I might link to this on my blog if you don't mind. Brother-gushing is allowed, yes???

Sarah said...

Tiffani and Abigail,

You both have my blessing for your mentioned endeavors. Respectively, Latin-husband gushing and brother-gushing. I won't throw eggs.


tiffani said...