Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Handsome Babies

Now that I have a blog, let me explain my intentions: monthly baby bragging & occasional mind wanderings. To start, lets look at some of the photos that have been in limbo in my hard drive. enjoy!


Haven in the sun.

Monster Manchop.

Haven 2 1/2 & August 11 months.


Tucker said...

you should check out flickr too - it links with blogspot and even resizes stuff. that's how i post a lot of pictures. look forward to reading.


Abigail said...

#1. I'm jumping up and down like a cheerleader (and I don't care for cheerleaders).

#2. I'll be your number one fan and most faithful stalker.

#3. I think numbers 1 and 2 should garner me some kind of trophy, but I'll settle for a fishstick.

(I love the name.)

Andy said...

Pete and Haven mowing...that is such a funny picture.

I'll email you some pictures of the boys from Manny's wedding when I get my computer unpacked.